This unique website in a tribute to the hardworking teachers and caretakers of the Children from the Morning Star Children Centre in Bambolulu (Mombasa-Kenya). A school which also functions as a community centre. In the summer of 2009 there were 100 children taught at the school. These children are orphans, from single parent families or children from very poor families with multi problems. At the Centre the children are educated, fed and clothed. A safe home is also sought for the ophans.

The management of the Centre have made a profile in English which is translated into Dutch and German for this site.

The makers of this site are from Holland. They visited the school in the summer of 2009 with their 10 year old son. At that point there was very little support or knowledge of the Centre. There was no help from friends or organisations in other countries either.

As well as the Dutch, there were German visitors in 2009 who started something in their country to raise awareness for the Morning Star Children Centre and they decided to work together. One of the results is this site.

In January 2010 there was enough money to build 2 extra classes. Also around that time some tourists visited the school and donated schoolbooks and desks. There are now more visitors for the school because we try to promote the school on hotel review sites.

In February 2010 there was more money raised and 14 desks were bought for the new classes. The result of this was that in just 6 months the school can now offer places for an extra 50 children.

There are travel stories on the site mostly in Dutch or German. English travel stories are welcome and will be placed on the site.

If you want to support the school you can either visit them or make contact via their e-mail or contact the Dutch coordinator Lucienne Terlouw mail

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